The Man And Machine Company

CONTRACTOPEN® is a first-class professional contract service company specializing in manpower supply and machine hiring. Extensively we facilitate contracts, joint venture and other related deals. We were opened for business in June, 2018 but officially registered on the 24th of April, 2019. In the past two years, we have become a strong partner to several construction companies, developers and heavy dealers. They trust our men, our links and can go to sleep with two eyes closed once contractopen is on board. Despite our short existence, we have an enviable clientele list of no fewer than a score of clients, most of whose instructions came from referrals. Our rates are generally fair, our men are sound and so are our machines too. We can provide manpower up to 500 in numbers within the shortest notice and manage them efficiently. We are just a call away. Welcome to our first class service.



Years Experience


Happy Customers


Clients Satisfaction

To be ranked side by side with
leading man and machine
companies in the world by 2030.
To build long-lasting relationships
with our clients such that referrals
become the norm

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