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  • Contract Management
  • Project Health & Safety Plan, Risk Assessment
  • Builder’s Documents/Construction Methodology/Method Statement/Buildability & Maintenability Analysis
  • Project Management Services/Project Life Cycle Chat/Program of Work

We manage projects as certified Project Managers especially for large construction, power, energy and industrial projects. We manage contracts as certified Contract Managers to ensure that contracts do not become surplus to requirements and Projects are executed to currently acceptable standards in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner. 
By way of expertise and our technical familiarity with persons in government quarters and top industry players, we also help facilitate or process statutory documents that are required to enable project delivery including genuine title documents that give authenticity and value to land and property ownership across Nigeria and elsewhere with no failure recorded in any transaction so far. 
We facilitate Joint Venture partnership even in the toughest terrains that always ends in a win-win for all parties involved. We do this in conjunction with our accredited partners. Project Funding is an aspect we are also involved in but not as direct funders but facilitators to persons or organizations that can find your project directly usually for a stake, some of whom are our partners. We are still open to investors who are interested in partnering with us to provide project funds that are structured medium or long-term,  easily accessible and with low interest rate. Write us at office@contractopen.com